Cheaper and Easier than Renting

With our service, we guarantee the easiest and cheapest way to have a Philips Heartstart HS1 AED. For a fixed monthly amount and always cancellable. Easier and more affordable than renting, leasing, or buying.

At first glance, our offer may seem very similar to renting an AED. However, there are two major differences: cost and contract duration. An AED via Pulse4all is more advantageous in both respects. It’s important to know this before making a decision.

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    The Differences Between Renting a defibrillator and Pulse4all Explained

    Easier, less worry, and you even pay less than when you rent.

    Complete Freedom

    When renting an AED, you sign a rental contract with a fixed term. This is usually between 48 and 96 months (4 to 8 years). The minimum term at Pulse4all is just 3 months. Furthermore, you can always cancel without any cost. So, you have complete freedom and flexibility.

    And Even More Affordable?

    Yes, the costs for an AED via Pulse4all are lower than the costs to rent a Philips Heartstart HS1 AED elsewhere! The monthly charge for a Philips Heartstart HS1 AED is just £32.95 incl. VAT (£27.46 excl. VAT). And that includes all service and maintenance.

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      Let’s Compare the Prices

      To give you an idea of the advantage of Pulse4all, we’ll show our costs below compared to renting an AED. We’re looking at the Philips Heartstart HS1 AED. The prices include VAT (with VAT excluded in parentheses).

      AED subscription
      (Philips Heartstart HS1)
      British Red Cross rent
      (Philips Heartstart HS1)
      Rent-a-Defib rent
      (Low-cost AED, not a Philips)
      CardiAid-aed rent
      Silver Rental Package
      (Low-cost AED, not a Philips)
      Defib Machines rent
      (Low-cost AED, not a Philips)
      Fixed fee per month £32.95 (£27.46) £35.94 (£29.95) £36.14 (£30.11) £36.00 (£30.00) £36.14 (£30.11)
      Fee per year £362.45 (£302.06) £431.28 (£359.40) £433.58 (£361.32) £432.00 (£360.00) £433.58 (£361.32)
      Savings per annum Best deal! £71.28 £73.58 £72.00 £73.58
      Minimum duration 3 months 36 months 48 months 72 months 60 months
      Type contract Ongoing – cancel any time Fixed, not flexible Fixed, not flexible Fixed, not flexible Fixed, not flexible

      This is What We Promise You

      The World’s Best-Selling AED

      You have the best and most sold AED in the world: the Philips Heartstart HS1 AED. Fast, effective, and reliable. One that always works.

      Always Ready to Use

      We replace the electrode pads and battery of every AED every two years. This ensures that your AED is always ready to use when the moment arrives.

      Most Affordable AED

      At £32.95 per month, we promise you the most affordable way to have an AED.

      Free to Cancel

      You can cancel at any time without cost. So you stay with us as long as you are satisfied and are not tied to anything.

      A Better World

      In addition to saving human lives, you also help the environment. Through our responsible processing of AEDs, batteries, and electrode pads.

      What customers say about us

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Yes, full service and maintenance for your AED is included in the monthly fee.

        Yes, we offer a free wall bracket for the AED. You can request this at checkout.

        For outdoor cabinets and other types of cabinets, please contact us and request a custom quote.

        No, all costs are included in the monthly amount.

        The Philips HS1 and Philips FRx are both suited for indoor use, but for an AED suitable for being outdoors, we can supply the Philips FRx instead.

        For places frequented by children, the Philips FRx, is more suitable.


        The main differences between Pulse4all and leasing an AED are the contract duration and costs, both of which are more advantageous with Pulse4all. For more information, view the full differences between leasing and defibswap.

        The main differences between Pulse4all and renting an AED are the contract duration and costs, both of which are more advantageous with Pulse4all. For more information, view the full differences between renting and defibswap.

        Cost savings over time, included service and maintenance, and hotswap service. View the full differences between buying and defibswap.

        We offer the Philips Heartstart HS1 AED, as well as the Philips FRx.

        Yes, we do. In fact, we deliver to all EU countries.

        We offer the following payment options: Credit card, Direct debit, Paypal and bank transfer.

        You can order as an association. So as a neighborhood association, homeowners association, sports club, or if you have a practice. Request a custom quote or contact us for specific requests.

        Within 2 working days.

        Yes, discounts are available for large orders on very special occasions. Contact us to see all available options.

        Need help?

        Please feel free to contact us every day, including weekends, from 08:00 to 20:00.

        Call us: 07441344320
        Email us: [email protected]

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