Everyone deserves access to a trustworthy defibrillator

Today, 186 people in the United Kingdom will experience a cardiac arrest

167 of them will not survive. The absence of a defib nearby is often to blame. And even when one is available, it’s unfortunately not always ready for use. That’s why Pulse4all has simplified everything, so more people have access to a defibrillator. One that always works and can be trusted.

Setting a new standard in the defibrillator market

Peter Houtzagers, the founder of Pulse4all, has been active in the European defibrillator market for many years. He noticed that buying, owning, and maintaining an defibrillator often involves a lot of hassle, especially for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Alarmed by the fact that many defibrillators sold are not (or no longer) ready for use, Peter decided to do things differently with reliable, affordable defibrillators in a simple concept without any hassle or worries. And so Pulse4all was born.

Access to an defibrillator for everyone

Pulse4all is here to show that hassle-free, affordable defibrillators for individuals and SMEs are possible. Pulse4all takes responsibility and care for everything related to your defibrillator. Removing all barriers in the purchase, ownership, and maintenance of the defibs.

Choose from 2 simple AED Kits

Choose between Philips FRx Kit Car, or Philips HS1 Kit Home / Office and within 2 days, you’ll have the best defibrillator on the market, wherever you choose. The low monthly fee includes everything. No extra costs.

Everyone has the right to survive

Surviving a cardiac arrest should not be a luxury for a fortunate few. We make it possible with the lowest cost, most convenient defibrillator plans, so more people have access to life-saving equipment.


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