A defibrillator that is always ready for you

We’ve made defibrillators safe, easy, and affordable for you.

All maintenance, including replacement after deployment and in case of malfunction
All-risk defibrillator insurance, wall-mount included
A low, all-inclusive monthly fee. No extra costs or surprises

Home / Office

Philips HS1 AED

Including free wall bracket
For indoor areas

£ 32.95

Minimum 3 months


Philips FRx AED

Including free wall bracket
For in vehicles

£ 38.95

Minimum 3 months

What our customers say about us

We are Pulse4all

It’s our mission to provide reliable defibrillators for as many people as possible. At home, at work, in your neighbourhood, Pulse4all is the most simple way to have an defibrillators where it’s needed. With an all-in monthly fee, and competitive pricing, access to a life-saving defibrillators is more accessible than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are never any additional costs on top of the monthly amount.

There is no limit to the number of times you can exchange the defibrillator after deployment.

All maintenance is performed at our Central defibrillator Service Center. When your defibrillator needs maintenance, has been deployed, or shows a malfunction, it will be exchanged at your location for a defibrillator that has been fitted with new pads and battery.

About Philips defibrillators

Philips defibrillators are the best-selling defibrillators in the world, renowned for their reliability and sturdiness. The defibrillator has a daily self-test routine and is easily operated by anyone.

About Philips defibrillators

We choose to use only defibrillators from Philips, due to their unmatched ease of use and reliability.

Anyone can easily operate them

Even without experience or training, you can provide quick and effective assistance with a Philips defibrillator during cardiac arrest. The defibrillator talks you through the instructions step by step. This means, anyone can save a life.

Quick and effective

A rapid shock delivery after analysis greatly increases the patient’s chance of survival. Among all defibrillators, Philips defibrillators require the least time to deliver a shock. This is crucial for saving lives.

Sturdy and reliable

Every Philips defibrillator continuously performs self-tests. These are the most extensive and thorough self-tests of all available defibrillators. You can easily tell that the device is operational when the green light blinks every 4 seconds and the device does not beep. This guarantee is literally vital.

Our mission

Everyone has the right to access a defibrillator and survive cardiac arrest. We’re here to provide affordable, reliable defibrillators for as many people as possible with our simple and convenient defibrillator plans.

Our commitment to a safer, more sustainable world

Choosing Pulse4all means contributing to a network of well-functioning defibrillators in Europe. Pulse4all is the only defib provider that works 100% circularly. And we donate 20% of proceeds from charitable organisations back to our chosen charities.

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